Villa de las Victorias Park – Nicaragua
After Chris Barnes and I journeyed through Nicaragua we stumbled upon a great site in which help was clearly needed.
We initially wanted to do a water project, but this playground took priority because we were able to acquire the land.
When building these playgrounds- everything is built from the ground up and fabricated. We also did all the concrete, hard scaping, grass etc.. I have an amazing team headed by a truly great friend of over a decade now. All local workers on our team built these high quality games by hand. I’m very proud and appreciate their work and dedication.
This park is located in Niquinohomo department of Masaya. This park will be used by 85 families and approximately 180 children. There were no other playgrounds anywhere near by for them.
Finally- I want to thank my mom, Leah Savion. She has been wanting to contribute and help me with a project and I’m honored to have had her help, and also know how lucky I am to have such a badass mom.
I am including some before & after pictures of the site along with some videos.