The India Project
This is very special to me. My father and I have just closed out our first year towards our first project together. We have 10 children that we have been helping in India that have come from the poorest of areas.
We have been providing them with tutoring services, food, support, making sure they are going to school and much more. The results have been incredible and you can really tell the impact and difference this small project has made for them.
There have been children that have come with no ability to read or write in Hindi or English, and now they are flourishing.
I am so lucky to have the father I do. He is a world class philosopher.. He is the smartest man I know, incredibly kind, honest, humble, incredible teacher and so much more. I strive to be like him. If you ever want me to carry on about his accomplishments and differences he’s made in this world I’d be delighted to do so for hours.
We’ve talked for years about combining efforts and doing something good in the world together. It has been tedious and difficult and he has done the majority of the work to make this happen, I’m delighted to say that I’ve had a part.
I hope this brings a smile to someone’s day, as I’ve been delighted for over a year with how this has turned out and excited for the next year that follows.