Los López y Los Molina Water Project

Here are some highlights of my last trip- and the completion of Water Project #6.

This project was in Los López y Los Molina. It initially covered 126 families and 630 people. Nearby community with water supply issues were able to connect to my project, and now WP#6 is covering 268 houses and a total of over 1600 people were affected. We installed many miles of pipeline so families would have direct access to water in their homes.

Many celebrations were had with dancing, and great food being made for us which was very humbling. Their community also hand crafted two shirts for us, one with my company Premium and Exotic Wholesale and the other with International Art Project. This was very unexpected!

Along with water project 6, I got the opportunity to visit our 4th and 5th project. One of the most exciting parts of this trip for me was to understand that our water project #4 was able to be expanded and connect to 440 houses. This project alone covered almost 2000 people. With the completion of WP#7 (which will be posted shortly) we will have brought running water to over 1000 houses. Close to 5000 people, in 7 communities.

Being able to interview and talk with people and seeing what a difference such a simple thing that we take for granted can change lives is awesome.

I am very thankful for Max to travel with me, and my incredible team down there that puts all these projects together. It’s humbling and let’s you really remember what is important in life- community, friendships, and being kind.

None of this possible without my team @premiumandexotic and the great team in Nicaragua.