La Paz Centro-Department of León Water Project
We are finally complete with our 5th water project and it is by far most significant undertaking. Located in a rural community in the city of La Paz Centro-Department of León- a community of 50 houses, in some houses up to 3 families live.
Approximate number of people in this community are 280. This community was using a horse and a well and had to walk quite a distance to obtain any water for their use. Our mission was to bring continuous water directly to the houses of this community. This process involves installing a massive electric pump system, building a water tower, and tunneling water lines to each of the residences. 1000’s of man hours went into this project and I couldn’t be more proud to be involved.
I want to thank the leader of the team- a brilliant artist, designer, architect, and incredibly overall skilled friend who manages every single project we do from top to bottom- Jonatan Espinoza.
None of this would be possible without my team @ Premium and Exotic Wholesale. Everyone there is family and we all work hard to make cool shit happen.
There are so many pictures it’s tough to decide which to show- the last video is how they originally obtained water. Now every house in this community has a direct line.