Corpus Christi Shelter – Nicaragua
Here is the first humanitarian project of 2022!!
There is a foundation called Corpus christi. This foundation (think Shalom or New Hope for Bloomington locals) they give food daily to children and the elderly with few resources.
School reinforcement classes are also taught in subjects or subjects where children have difficulty learning.
be it mathematics, writing and networking of Spanish.
We build new facilities with concrete walls and metal roof structure with suitable materials, concrete floor with the necessary conditions to be improved in the future. This helps from strong sun damage / rain protection.
In addition, the site was set up with two individual bathrooms, one for boys and one for girls as there was no available restroom prior. This project is improving the conditions so that children and the elderly can receive food and classes are taught appropriately. the construction area is 78 m2 area of multiple use for dining room and for school reinforcement classes. 2 bathrooms of 6 m2. the children’s dining project and school reinforcement center is located in a neighborhood called ‘pantanal’ in the city of Granada. Beneficiary families, about 120.