Christmas 2022
Christmas Donations 2022
I remember when I was a kid presents and the idea of getting a gift were the absolute most exciting part of the year- that time has long faded but I do love buying for the kids in need. I also like pretending to be a kid and shopping in the stores for cool stuff.
This year we bought toys for all the kids at New Hope. We also took care of the wishlist of all the remaining families and children for the Salvation Army. This totaled over 55 for just them. Thank you @corinne.a.wilson for all your help!
This year we have benefited over 250 families in need for the holiday season. I have been giving toys to kids in need since I was 17 years old- well before I was financially stable enough to. I say this to remind people that you do not need much to give a little. Your time or being kind can make huge impacts in people’s lives.
Happy Holidays