Amatitan Water Project – Nicaragua

This project is located in Nicaragua, the community is rural, called Amatitan, located in the city of La Paz Centro, department of Leon. This is a population that is dedicated to cultivation, production of mud bricks, for construction, producers of raw material for the construction of typical ranches made with African palm, tiles, tree trunks. Amatitan has a population of approximately 260 families.

This is a VERY poor community. There is no public transportation and families commute by horse carriage, bicycle, and walking. Each family had running water for 2 hours each day. One part of the community in the morning and the other in the afternoon. Water is a basic human need and it’s tough to imagine being in such a hot climate and having such limited access.
In this project we purchased a huge 22,000L tank that will provide the community with running drinking water. We also put in a purifying system, built a concrete base to support, and piped it into the system.

The government of Nicaragua was not going to help this community unless they owned the land or had direct interest. I am happy to be able to provide everything needed and give jobs to the workers that made this project happen.

I will be building a playground for the children as a second half of this project. Nothing about this has been easy- from getting the permits to the tank out there.

Jonatan Eli Espinoza Perez has been a true hero in working besides me as an artist and humanitarian and I’m very grateful to have such a relationship with such a good soul who can make impactful differences in the world with me.