Children’s Dining – Granada

Second Children’s Building complete!

This project is not possible without my team At Premium and Exotic Wholesale along with Jonatan Espinoza & team in Nicaragua.
This project is dedicated to Chris ‘Kangaroo’ Barnes, who is not only a best friend.. but has traveled to 20+ countries with me… He’s an incredible man has helped me with my businesses & charity projects for years, and elevates them tremendously. Approximately 13 years ago we met on a beach in Mexico during spring break and have been family ever since. Thank you sir 🙏


Located the department of Granada in a semi-rural community, the beneficiary families are around 90 families, between 90 and 120 children are regularly attending, providing them with food during lunch hours and there are also three teachers who help improve school teaching. in the area of ​​mathematics, Spanish and manual skills.
We had 12 employees working on construction including masons, carpenters, plumbers, welders, and artists.
Once the building was built we decided it needed more color and beauty so Jonatan with some helpers creates murals with characters that the children helped decide. Jonatan Espinoza is an incredible man, with artistic, architectural, and project developmental skills that I’m honored to have in my life. I hope viewing this will help promote kindness and awareness.. or at least some happiness 🙂